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stole this c:

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 27, 2012, 4:49 PM
[X] You watch spongebob and can stay interested
[X] You like My little pony
[ ] You can't make your bed without help
[X] You're lazy
Total so far: 3
[X] You like to play on the internet
[X] You play on the internet alot more then in real
[X] You hate when people talk about something different that you don't know
[] You can always follow along on a new conversation without knowing what it is
Total so far: 6
[X] You get thirsty easily
[X] You're random and silly, but can be serious when you know to be.
[X] You enjoy taking quizzes
[X] You like clicking random buttons
Total so far: 10
[ ] You know how to spell 'Humanitarianism' without looking it up in the dictionary ( I don't even know that word c: )
[X] You hate school, but are able to do good in it.
[ ] Can possibly fall asleep if really bored
[] You love to eat salad over junk food any day
Total so far: 11
[X] You love television and computer more then family
[ ] You'll challenge anyone who questions your belief
[ ] Your friends are arguing and they always talk shit about the other person to you
[X] You enjoyed this quiz
Total so far: 13
13 X 5 = 65
I am 65% Strange


Zorua by Miraris
zorua tumble by AtomicFishbowl
Real Zorua by Shivita
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November 27, 2012


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